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Finally… A Knightly News Site

I’ve, finally, successfully migrated to a site of my own…

Please visit the new Knightly News.



Unsettled… and Disconnected

My absence for the past weeks is due to our decision to move to a new and better place.

We’re still virtually unsettled in this new abode and have still to put things in order.

One of the downside of being part of a connected world is the downtime you are bound to experience once you get yourself uprooted and re-rooted on new soil.

Too bad that the new locale where we are situated in right now is not part of SkyCable Gold and ZPDee Cable Internet.  Hence, we had to settle for a downgrade, in the case of SkyCable (as they can only offer SkyCable Silver in our area… That SUCKS since we lose the privilege of watching Discovery Channel and Disney Channel — for my kids, of course :).  And we have to look and apply for a new broadband connection since ZPDee cannot extend their coverage to accommodate our need for internet access.  That sucks again.

Now, it’s taking forever to apply for a new PLDT line and DSL connection.  I have to prepare the proper documentation, present the requisite sets of valid IDs, proof of income, and proof of billing.  I now have to wait in line (long queues are a given in any PLDT business centers) and wait for 2 weeks to process our application.

As of this date, I have yet to submit the application.  What with the piecemeal way that PLDT customer service assistants on the phone and at the business centers provide the requirements.  I have so far made 3 trips to their branches.  Each trip is a discovery… I’ve discovered that I still need this and this and this for them to process the application.  If they can only work on their customer service engagements so that potential customers will know, in one go, all the mandatory application requirements right off the bat.

You may ask why I didn’t bother to even check PLDT‘s website? I did!  It’s an excruciating experience to just look for the application requirements page.  You have to wade through all the clutter, make countless clicks, and end up not finding that page at all!  What compounds the sitch I am in is the fact that our case is somehow unique as I need to apply for BOTH a new landline and DSL connection.  Given this, I would need to sift through two (2) websites and still not find the answers to my questions.  These are the reasons why we ended up calling 171 AND going to a business center for details.

A convenient way of doing it will be (if I may suggest, based on experience):

  1. Make the website as uncluttered and as friendly as possible.
  2. Update websites with the latest promos and information.
  3. Allow for submission of requirements online (you are only asked to accomplish the online application form in the case of myDSL)
  4. Allow for payments online.

Oh well… Have to go back to the business center to submit our COMPLETE application requirements.  Hope it gets processed soon.  Otherwise, we’ll have to endure being left out of what’s happening in our connected world….

Slow Posting Days…

Pardon for my anemic supply of posts for this blog.

It was a busy week last week and will be a busy one as well the coming two weeks.

I will still try to post to my committed number of one a day after this entry. Do expect my final installment to my series on Philippine Basketball and my take on what the Telcos of our country need to offer the consumers and businesses alike in the field of mCommerce.

In the meantime, many thanks to those who continuously check on Knightly News.

Can We Pull This Off?

We’ve been complaining about how hotter and hotter each summer has become lately. We’ve been complaining about the horrendous traffic jams all over the metropolis. We’ve been complaining about how rude and stupid most (if not all… I am not wont to generalize, but it has really gotten to me lately) of the public utility vehicle drivers are in this country. We’ve been complaining about the sorry state of our roads, moaning and whining about how it would be much easier to drive a car in the moon than here in Metro Manila.

Well, an insightful and thought provoking article written by the noted Economist Blogger, Greg Mankiw, in October 2006 proposed the need for governments to raise or levy a higher gas tax. It is, by no means, a radical proposition for this has been floated around for so many years now. Continue reading

NBA Finals 2007: Spurs Lead, 3-0

Most basketball junkies know that the Spurs are the overwhelming favorites to win the Title this year. And they’re proving these junkies right by leading the best of seven series, 3-0.

Despite playing so-so in the 3rd game, the Spurs heavily relied on their patented D and made it much harder for the Cavs to score on successive, crucial possessions in the dying minutes of the game. It didn’t help also that Varejao decided to try to score on Tim Duncan — with a shot that had all prayer in it. The shot didn’t even touch the ring.

On hindsight, the keen basketball mind would say that Lebron, harassed by Bowen, realized that he would run into a trap coming from TD’s help defense, and made the correct decision to pass to Varejao in order to re-start his offense. However, the King never got the ball back. You could say that inexperience, on the part of the young Brazilian workhorse, got the better of the moment.

What should have been done was… Varejao passes the ball back to James, and James will make another go at it. It’s time to live and die with James in situations like these. It’s also good training for him, really.

But Cavalier fans need not despair. The Cavs played relatively well last night. They just didn’t hit the shots in the final minutes. Putting themselves in a position to win, in a game that could really have gone either way, is a huge step forward, psychologically, for this young team.

The 3rd game may well have broken some “psychological” barriers for the Cavs, and pave the way for a win in Game 4.

Then the Spurs will adjust and win Game 5. And end the series, 4 games to 1.

At the least, Cleveland faithfuls can say that they were able to salvage one win in the Finals. And that one win may well be an all important one. It will do them good in the coming seasons.