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GCash Rumors

I just don’t know how true these rumors are, but I’ve gotten reports that GCash has been acting up the past few days.  Incidents of delays of anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours have been experienced by GCash payors (one sending the payments) and payees (the recipient of the GCash payment).

There are also rumors of GCash implementing a FEE for those who Cash-in (i.e. put in money into their GCash wallets) even if it’s paid in cold cash over the counter at any Globe Business Center.

Moverover, there are also rumors that this same CASH-IN FEE will, actually, be forwarded to the GCash payor (so that the GCash payor need not pay the 1% CASH-OUT fee anymore).

If these new policies are going to be implemented, then these may be the reasons why the GCash system has been quirky for the past few days.  The GCash system may have been undergoing maintenance to incorporate new policy.

This is okay, in my opinion.  But what is not okay is the fact that there have been no announcements or updates from GCash about the planned changes in policy.  A simple text message update would have sufficed so that all concerned are well-informed.

Again, these are all rumors… as heard thru the grapevine.

If there are any GCash users out there, we’d appreciate your feedback if these rumors are, indeed, true.


Not Exactly Overheard… Another Telco to offer their own Telco Cash

Just got word from a reliable source that a local Telco provider is working hard to come up with their own version of Telco Cash. Seems like the Telcos are hell bent on taking a big slice out of the remittance market and Person-to-Person (P2P) payments from the banks.

By process of elimination, you may know which Telco this is.

Cash, Money… what else? Currency? Coins? Moolah?

I wonder how they will call this new service?

The Market is Learning Part II

Now, Smart Money has finally made the right move of offering the Smart Money card for FREE! For me, the recent salvo of adverts is, really, all about getting the message across to the public that the card is being offered at no cost.

NOTE: The Card is Free.

The people in Smart probably (or finally) realized that the P220.00 cost of the card is one BIG hurdle to MASS acceptance of the service. Continue reading