Monthly Archives: August 2007

GCash Rumors

I just don’t know how true these rumors are, but I’ve gotten reports that GCash has been acting up the past few days.  Incidents of delays of anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours have been experienced by GCash payors (one sending the payments) and payees (the recipient of the GCash payment).

There are also rumors of GCash implementing a FEE for those who Cash-in (i.e. put in money into their GCash wallets) even if it’s paid in cold cash over the counter at any Globe Business Center.

Moverover, there are also rumors that this same CASH-IN FEE will, actually, be forwarded to the GCash payor (so that the GCash payor need not pay the 1% CASH-OUT fee anymore).

If these new policies are going to be implemented, then these may be the reasons why the GCash system has been quirky for the past few days.  The GCash system may have been undergoing maintenance to incorporate new policy.

This is okay, in my opinion.  But what is not okay is the fact that there have been no announcements or updates from GCash about the planned changes in policy.  A simple text message update would have sufficed so that all concerned are well-informed.

Again, these are all rumors… as heard thru the grapevine.

If there are any GCash users out there, we’d appreciate your feedback if these rumors are, indeed, true.


Unsettled… and Disconnected

My absence for the past weeks is due to our decision to move to a new and better place.

We’re still virtually unsettled in this new abode and have still to put things in order.

One of the downside of being part of a connected world is the downtime you are bound to experience once you get yourself uprooted and re-rooted on new soil.

Too bad that the new locale where we are situated in right now is not part of SkyCable Gold and ZPDee Cable Internet.  Hence, we had to settle for a downgrade, in the case of SkyCable (as they can only offer SkyCable Silver in our area… That SUCKS since we lose the privilege of watching Discovery Channel and Disney Channel — for my kids, of course :).  And we have to look and apply for a new broadband connection since ZPDee cannot extend their coverage to accommodate our need for internet access.  That sucks again.

Now, it’s taking forever to apply for a new PLDT line and DSL connection.  I have to prepare the proper documentation, present the requisite sets of valid IDs, proof of income, and proof of billing.  I now have to wait in line (long queues are a given in any PLDT business centers) and wait for 2 weeks to process our application.

As of this date, I have yet to submit the application.  What with the piecemeal way that PLDT customer service assistants on the phone and at the business centers provide the requirements.  I have so far made 3 trips to their branches.  Each trip is a discovery… I’ve discovered that I still need this and this and this for them to process the application.  If they can only work on their customer service engagements so that potential customers will know, in one go, all the mandatory application requirements right off the bat.

You may ask why I didn’t bother to even check PLDT‘s website? I did!  It’s an excruciating experience to just look for the application requirements page.  You have to wade through all the clutter, make countless clicks, and end up not finding that page at all!  What compounds the sitch I am in is the fact that our case is somehow unique as I need to apply for BOTH a new landline and DSL connection.  Given this, I would need to sift through two (2) websites and still not find the answers to my questions.  These are the reasons why we ended up calling 171 AND going to a business center for details.

A convenient way of doing it will be (if I may suggest, based on experience):

  1. Make the website as uncluttered and as friendly as possible.
  2. Update websites with the latest promos and information.
  3. Allow for submission of requirements online (you are only asked to accomplish the online application form in the case of myDSL)
  4. Allow for payments online.

Oh well… Have to go back to the business center to submit our COMPLETE application requirements.  Hope it gets processed soon.  Otherwise, we’ll have to endure being left out of what’s happening in our connected world….