Flawed Promo Mechanics Prevents the Baby with the Cutest Photo from Winning the Contest

Today was grocery day. And the supermarket we go to for our bi-weekly replenishment was having a promo, offering up to P1 Million in cash prizes.

The promo is your usual “get a raffle ticket for every P XX.XX of purchase” (in this case, purchase of any of the participating Baby Brands’ products like disposable diapers, infant formula, baby products, etc.). The raffle ticket is your usual raffle ticket with the following to fill up:

NAME : (Write your Full Name)

ADDRESS : (Write your Complete Home Address)

AGE : (Write your Age)

CONTACT NO. : (Write your Mobile Phone or Landline #)

CHOSEN BABY PARTNER : (Write the Name of the Baby With the Cutest Picture Submitted for the Contest)

SIGNATURE : (Affix your Signature)

The lucky shopper receives a P50,000 prize on draw dates, and the Chosen Baby Partner, whose name is written on the raffle ticket of the drawn winner, also gets P50,000.

Can you spot the promo design flaw?

You guessed it.

Babies with very long names have a smaller chance of being chosen and written down as a baby partner on the raffle ticket by the shopper.  Hence, lesser probability of winning.  Imagine, if a shopper had 15 or even 20 raffle tickets, and that shopper had to fill out each of the blank spaces above plus the name of the baby of their choice, whose name happens to be 20 to 30 characters long, he or she would rather pick the baby with the shortest name (even if he/she doesn’t have the cutest photo) to save time and effort filling out the entry, drop the ticket, and go home, right?

Every baby would have an equal chance of getting picked if the promo assigned a number or a letter to each baby photo.

I bet you Irish Dizon will be winning quite a lot of P50,000 cash prizes….


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