The BallEx SIM League

Our lifestyle, as we know it today, is increasingly becoming more virtual… virtual money (GCash, Smart Money), virtual selves (Second Life), virtual extensions of our characters (RAN Online), virtual experts on any topic (thru Blogging services like WordPress and, etc.

In our search to quench our appetite for anything NBA (the NBA Summer League in BTV is just not enough to quench that appetite) while waiting for the 2007-2008 NBA Season this November, my friends and I decided to set up a virtual NBA League. Apart from this very reason of satiating our unsatisfied desire for anything basketball, we wanted to experience how it is to run / manage and to coach (as well as scout opposing teams’ players) our own NBA Team. What better way to do this than establishing your own NBA League.

Yep, through the use of a meticulously programmed application called Fast Break Basketball (FBB), one can simulate the the realities of operating an NBA organization. Roster files are updated. Game settings are almost realistic — think of incorporating player fatigue and player potential into the equation. Full control of how a team plays defense and offense. Full control of how to rotate your players.

So, if you are a certified junkie for the game of basketball and are a no non-sense lover of the game, we invite you to join the BallEx SIM League (you can view the Team Rosters from this link to aid you in choosing your favored team to manage). It is still in beta test mode, so pardon the bare presentation of the home page. Interested users can sign up in the BallEx SIM League Forum.

A waste of precious time, maybe. But for us basketball addicts, it is one healthy diversion.


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