Talk About Niche! A New Site for the “Southerners”!

I love it when I get directed to a new blog site that has so much to offer despite its narrow niche play.  My buddy Gary, who operates the Sites (the links to which you can see in my Blogroll to the right), told me about Southbound.

It’s a “blogazine” (a term they so aptly coined, I suppose) that talks about anything and everything about the South.  South, in this relative case, would mean the locale south of Manila, Makati included (correct me if I am wrong, Guys of Southbound, since you categorized Makati as “Sana nasa South” :)).  You can view it as your localized “Lonely Planet” guide.  Or, moreso, your “Lonely South of Manila” guide.

It’s a great resource site for those of you who are unfamiliar with the deep south (not the “deep south” that Adam Sandler was referring to in “Little Nicky”, of course).  If you are the type who goes for the hole-in-the-window restaurant variant or the not-so-famous-but-offers-great-food restos, then you this is the site for you to do your research before heading out past the toll gates of South Super Hi-way (I am gonna go try out Vibang’s one of these days….).

Keep it up, Guys!  Your site is a perfect example of “finding a place” in the scheme of things, and executing well!  May the aspiring bloggers and entreps out there who wish to make a living on the side (or better yet, full time) learn a thing or two from your worthwhile endeavor.



One response to “Talk About Niche! A New Site for the “Southerners”!

  1. hey john!

    thanks for the writeup! it’s really heartening to know that people are starting to hear about us, and appreciate what we’re doing. 🙂

    see you at vibang’s, hehe. 🙂

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