Helpful Tips: Generating and Keeping Traffic in Your Site

If you happen to have a website for your business or your own blog, you might want to take look at the link below.


Here’s a flavor of what to expect…


Characteristics of an Ideal Defensible Traffic Source


Let’s start first with a general idea of the type of defensible traffic you should be building. While the following points are ideal conceptualizations, they may help you to assess the value of your referral traffic sources.


The traffic source you are developing should:

  • Promote your brand.
  • Reinforce or build the existing community around your site
  • Send targeted traffic (interested visitors)
  • Work on both a long and short term basis.
  • Connect your website with a broad audience
  • Sustain itself over time, without requiring consistent active effort.
  • Complement your overall site monetization strategy

You can get all the 10 Tips here.

Further, the site,, gives you plenty of helpful and valuable tips on “helping you make money online”.

I learned a lot already.  It’s your turn.



3 responses to “Helpful Tips: Generating and Keeping Traffic in Your Site

  1. Thanks for the mention, John! 🙂

  2. Hey, Maki! My pleasure! Your site,, is very, very helpful! I wish to evangelize the merits of making money online here in the Philippines. Those who go to my blog will definitely get lots of tips and insights from your site’s content.

    Expect more links to and mention about doshdosh from this site.


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