Overheard II: iPhone in the Philippines

Ah yes… the must have gadget… the iPhone.  Anyway, overheard this conversation by two executive-looking and credible-looking individuals…

Executive I      :  So when will the iPhone be made available here?

Executive II    :  Don’t know.

Executive I      : C’mon.  You’re in the know.  And wipe that smile of your face.  You’re a giveaway.

Executive II    :  You got me.  It’ll be in the newspapers tomorrow (that’s today, July 3, 2007).  It’ll be early next year, 2008.

Executive I      : What month?

Executive II    : Pressing it eh?

Executive I      : Hey, might as well…

Executive II    : Highly likely March or April 2008.

It seems that everybody’s wanting to get one right away.  Well… this gadget is changing the market, as they say.  In spite of its flaws and obvious shortcomings (and a high rate of non-activation at 38% — based on an unscientific poll by Engadget), the iPhone is selling like hotcakes (pardon the cliche).  Right now, analysts estimate anywhere between 500,000 to 700,000 units sold over the weekend!  Simply put… that’s 500,000 to 700,000 new subscribers over the weekend!

I am sure Verizon executives, especially the person who turned down the tie-up with Steve Jobs and Apple, are scratching their heads in dismay… Anyway, they were prepared for the post-weekend launch with these talking points and sales speak scripts

It doesn’t matter whether Smart or Globe get to bag that exclusive deal or both of them offer the this cool phone.  Ours is a small market anyway.  Most of the mobile phone users here won’t be able to afford one come launch time.

Even if most of these people can afford one, I am not so sure if they’d enjoy texting on the non-tactile screen of iPhone.  🙂


One response to “Overheard II: iPhone in the Philippines

  1. There are many cellphones model and right now iphone is here in the philippines.I think many will patronize this product.They are waiting for this but one thing i want to say is that from time to time cellphone models are increasing yet depreciating.Soon the value of this iphone will become depreciate until they will sell it with cheap prices.

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