The Market is Learning Part II

Now, Smart Money has finally made the right move of offering the Smart Money card for FREE! For me, the recent salvo of adverts is, really, all about getting the message across to the public that the card is being offered at no cost.

NOTE: The Card is Free.

The people in Smart probably (or finally) realized that the P220.00 cost of the card is one BIG hurdle to MASS acceptance of the service.

Globe GCash has been killing Smart Money in this area… which is probably why GCash is the most preferred option for P2P (Person-to-Person) payments. A Globe subscriber, whether post-paid or pre-paid, is “automatically” a GCash user. They just need to activate their GCash wallet over the air (read: activation via SMS). Barrier to adoption is low (i.e. in this case, 3 minutes of your time punching in the details on the keypad and paying P1.00 only for the SMS registration). No need to go to a Globe Business Center.

Which leads us to…. the one other barrier that Smart Money has to hurdle…. making their subscribers physically go to a Smart Wireless Center to get their free card… 😦

Hope they get to address this right away…

For our own good. 🙂


One response to “The Market is Learning Part II

  1. You might want to see how rural banks are now making use of the GCash platform to offer banking services by going to the new website at

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