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Slow Posting Days…

Pardon for my anemic supply of posts for this blog.

It was a busy week last week and will be a busy one as well the coming two weeks.

I will still try to post to my committed number of one a day after this entry. Do expect my final installment to my series on Philippine Basketball and my take on what the Telcos of our country need to offer the consumers and businesses alike in the field of mCommerce.

In the meantime, many thanks to those who continuously check on Knightly News.


Missions of the Day

  1. Meet with a big company and try to help them save tons of money by betting on and investing their resources on our solution…
  2. Meet with a software distributor and make them a distribution channel for one of our products…

Books, Books, Books… Never Can Be Replaced by What You Read Online

I am still in the process of perfecting the habit and skill of perusing materials through the monitor of my laptop.

Since the ascendancy of the internet age and the proliferation of available content online, I have slowly, ever so slowly, got accustomed to devouring bits and pieces of information while connected to the net.

So far, I’ve made great strides. I’ve devoted countless hours and consumed nuggets of wisdom, of information, of news, and such reading blogs of all sorts and articles from the mundane and trivial to the deeply philosophic on the internet.

But all these information, which I can, oh so easily acquire cheaply and easily, can never replace my love and passion for books.

I have a rather modest collection, with a good 20 or so books still unfinished (now this is a bad, bad habit to have and one that I intend to eradicate). I always make it a point that I have books inside the car, inside my laptop bag, inside the bathroom (yes, making full use of my “downtime”), and beside the bed. This way, I get to pick up a book and continue reading.

One can never argue against the fact that great men and accomplished individuals have behind them a stack of, a library of books even. Their minds have been taken to places they have never been, have been provoked to debate a thought or idea by someone as fictional as the White Wizard in Middle Earth, have been immersed in a culture, heretofore, unknown, have been prodded to place himself in another man’s shoes and take an altogether alien view of the world.

One acquires bits and pieces that fuse together over time and spill over to eventual expression and execution, creating form from substance which the bound pages supply. One obtains a set of morals or guide posts that govern day-to-day decisions as well as strategic maneuvers for the foreseeable and unforeseeable future. Books are the first step to accomplishments, setting into play the all-important translation of abstraction to application.

A book read, they say, is a trophy. A collection of books, a worthwhile pastime. And to most, amassing a collection that can rival a small library or even a big public one is a show of one’s erudtion and a proven testament to the great book lover’s legacy to the world.

Flawed Promo Mechanics Prevents the Baby with the Cutest Photo from Winning the Contest

Today was grocery day. And the supermarket we go to for our bi-weekly replenishment was having a promo, offering up to P1 Million in cash prizes.

The promo is your usual “get a raffle ticket for every P XX.XX of purchase” (in this case, purchase of any of the participating Baby Brands’ products like disposable diapers, infant formula, baby products, etc.). The raffle ticket is your usual raffle ticket with the following to fill up:

NAME : (Write your Full Name)

ADDRESS : (Write your Complete Home Address)

AGE : (Write your Age)

CONTACT NO. : (Write your Mobile Phone or Landline #)

CHOSEN BABY PARTNER : (Write the Name of the Baby With the Cutest Picture Submitted for the Contest)

SIGNATURE : (Affix your Signature)

The lucky shopper receives a P50,000 prize on draw dates, and the Chosen Baby Partner, whose name is written on the raffle ticket of the drawn winner, also gets P50,000.

Can you spot the promo design flaw? Continue reading

Not Exactly Overheard… Another Telco to offer their own Telco Cash

Just got word from a reliable source that a local Telco provider is working hard to come up with their own version of Telco Cash. Seems like the Telcos are hell bent on taking a big slice out of the remittance market and Person-to-Person (P2P) payments from the banks.

By process of elimination, you may know which Telco this is.

Cash, Money… what else? Currency? Coins? Moolah?

I wonder how they will call this new service?

The BallEx SIM League

Our lifestyle, as we know it today, is increasingly becoming more virtual… virtual money (GCash, Smart Money), virtual selves (Second Life), virtual extensions of our characters (RAN Online), virtual experts on any topic (thru Blogging services like WordPress and, etc.

In our search to quench our appetite for anything NBA (the NBA Summer League in BTV is just not enough to quench that appetite) while waiting for the 2007-2008 NBA Season this November, my friends and I decided to set up a virtual NBA League. Apart from this very reason of satiating our unsatisfied desire for anything basketball, we wanted to experience how it is to run / manage and to coach (as well as scout opposing teams’ players) our own NBA Team. What better way to do this than establishing your own NBA League.

Yep, through the use of a meticulously programmed application called Fast Break Basketball (FBB), one can simulate the the realities of operating an NBA organization. Roster files are updated. Game settings are almost realistic — think of incorporating player fatigue and player potential into the equation. Full control of how a team plays defense and offense. Full control of how to rotate your players.

So, if you are a certified junkie for the game of basketball and are a no non-sense lover of the game, we invite you to join the BallEx SIM League (you can view the Team Rosters from this link to aid you in choosing your favored team to manage). It is still in beta test mode, so pardon the bare presentation of the home page. Interested users can sign up in the BallEx SIM League Forum.

A waste of precious time, maybe. But for us basketball addicts, it is one healthy diversion.

Posting from Facebook

I mentioned in one of my earlier posts that I have been experimenting with Facebook. I, in fact, am about to write about and share what I have found and experienced so far with this social utility tool (or should I say platform?).

Anyway, if you happen to be the type of WordPress user who just glosses over the Dashboard area, then you wouldn’t have noticed this bit of news from WordPress.

Yup! They’ve created a WordPress application for Facebook. This application lets a Facebook user with a WordPress blog post from Facebook and have it appear on his/her WordPress site, and vice versa.

If you have scores upon scores or hundreds upon hundreds of friends in Facebook, now is the time to take advantage of that vaunted network effect to kick off. Each friend gets updated as you create new blog entries.

Bad thing is… I couldn’t create links! Anyway, I am sure the people at WordPress will be doing something about this soon as this app is recently offered.

Okay now… About to push the PUBLISH button…


UPDATE (07.19.07, 12:32 am Manila Time):  It worked!  I am now posting this update from my WordPress console.