Good Day Yesterday.

First, the demo environment we have set up at a local data center got quirky at 9 am.  That would’ve been just fine if not for the fact that we were scheduled for a big demo at 10 am!  We frantically got in touch with the telco, asked for help (pleaded, really), and headed to the client not knowing if the fixes would turn out fine….

Second, on my way home, listening to some classical music on the radio, when… all of sudden… PHSEEEEET HISSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!! A cloud of steamy smoke.  Dang!  The car’s radiator popped!  I was about 2 kms from home so I decided to test my luck and see if I can make it home with the temperature gauge planted at H….

It was a good day yesterday.

The fixes to the demo environment worked just fine, in time.  Seamlessly showed how the service worked.  Impressed the audience.

Safely got the car home, albeit the car just made it midway through the garage port when it conked out.  Still, I got home.

Yes, it was a good day yesterday.


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