What an Equation!!!

The equation: 1 Employee + 1 Part-time Employee = Million $ Revenues.

Yep. Believe it.

I couldn’t get the permalink to work so I decided to lift the whole article from http://www.smallbizlabs.com:

WSJ on PlentyOfFish – 1 Employee, Millions in Revenue

The Wall Street Journal (subscription required, but this article is in the free section) has an article on the free web dating site PlentyOfFish.  Online dating sites are very popular, with  the leading sites doing heavy web and TV advertising and charging subscription fees.  PlentyOfFish is a free site, supported by ads.  The article says that PlentyOfFish has one full time employee/owner, one part-time employee, and generates between $5-10 million in revenue per year. 

According to the article, PlentyOfFish is able to do this because web software has become simple enough for a single person to manage, and there is a robust 3rd party ecosystem of larger companies providing a broad array of services to support small web and ecommerce sites.  The article points specifically to Google, which evidently is PlentyOfFish’s primary source of revenue.

Two major trends, both of which are discussed in the article, are providing the opportunity for small and personal web sites to create multi-million dollar businesses.  The first is the growing ease and simplicity of the tools required to build and support relatively complex web and ecommerce sites.  The second is the growth of 3rd party platform companies that help and assist small businesses.  PlentyOfFish is a great example of these two trends coming together and creating interesting – and profitable – small business opportunities.



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