Trying Out Facebook…

I am a newbie to social networking sites. Heck, I’ve spurned countless invites to set up a Friendster and MySpace accounts!

But now I am intrigued by a similar service which has been getting a lot of buzz and attention lately, especially with its newly launched platform. Top Bloggers (tech experts, VC’s alike, and practically all those in Silicon Valley) have been talking about it. It’s called Facebook. It’s the hottest thing right now as evidenced by its relentless pace of signing up a million new users every week!

I am one who does not jump into the bandwagon for the sake of being in the mainstream. But anything useful and interesting right now is worth trying. So, I sat down and registered an account yesterday. I am happy to inform you that my first “FRIEND” in Facebook is no other than a famous tech blogger — ROBERT SCOBLE! Hehehe… I decided to accept his limited time offer to approve ALL friend requests he’ll get. Lucky me.

I am still going through the features of Facebook as of this writing. So far, I’ve found it quite refreshing. Clean layout. Highly customizable, plus TONS of APPLICATIONS which you can use! Still not sure if all are for free. But I think they are (probably for the time being). Facebook has the usual offering of functions such as messaging, calendar, photos, videos, a discussion board, a Marketplace (where you can post an item for sale, a wanted ad, job vacancies, etc.).

At first glance, I see a potential for business use in Facebook, especially if you want to establish a group or a network related to your line of business. Say, a pioneering business woman who’s into pastries and baked goodies can put up a group for those with the same interest. The Discussion Board (for tips and what have you) and the Marketplace (buy and sell) are features that will be of good value. Calendars for events like bazaar schedules, promo sale skeds, new store opening, and such. Videos can be uploaded if you want to conduct an “online training”. Pictures can be easily posted to give your potential patrons a glimpse of what you are offering.

I’m still learning the ropes and will fill you in as soon as I get acclimatized with the slew of mini-services available in this platform.

For those who are already Facebook experts, you inputs will be of great value. Comments and suggestions on how to use the variety of Facebook applications for business are most welcome.


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