Blog and You Shall Get Linked…

Ever had that feeling of accomplishment every time someone links your blog to his?

How would you feel if your blog entry gets linked and “featured” in a famous blog site like Boing Boing?

Happy for you, Dundee! This post of his got coverage in Boing Boing.

If you haven’t got a blog, or if you are a novice blogger like Dundee Adriatico, keep on blogging and you’ll be found!

UPDATE (06.26.07 5:08PM, Manila Time): In case most of you don’t know, Boing Boing is the Most Popular Blog in the World, as rated and ranked by


One response to “Blog and You Shall Get Linked…

  1. Right indeed John! “Just blog it,” as Nike would have said if it were a blogger.

    Thanks for the nice post! And enjoy your stay in the Philippines!

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