Reading from a Monitor

Ever since I’ve gotten hold of this new laptop (with batteries that last me for 3 hours), I’ve been directed to focus my attention to reading as much as I can from blogs that I subscribe to. I now find myself dropping the books that I read. Well…. it has been a bad habit of mine to snap up books in my favorite bookstores, reading them, and end up not finishing the material halfway through… and this latest fascination has compounded my already worsening habit.

In fact, I have about 20 unfinished reads as of this writing. The latest casualty is TITAN (a biography of John D. Rockefeller, Sr.) by Ron Chernow.

For me, reading blogs, articles, and stories on the web definitely has its PROS and CONS. You know the CON side of it already. The PROS are: (1) I get to hone my comprehension skills when reading anything from a monitor (I never really get to retain the information I pick up from online reading materials, which lead to a low comprehension grade. I usually have to print the article and read from a piece of paper.), (2) I get to save a lot from magazine subscriptions and purchases as there are more interesting reads which you get for free on the internet, (3) I get to save on paper and ink (related to number 1), (4) I get to read as many as I can if, in case, I happen to not bring my books with me (Google Reader has a new feature in beta right now — the feature that allows you to read your subscribed blogs offline).


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