New Series: “OVERHEARD”

I’ve decided to start Serial Posts about topics, news, and bits that I overhear during my lone moments at a coffee shop or while queueing for a transaction in a fastfood resto or while standing inside a crowded MRT ride or while talking to my colleagues and clients and partners… what have you.

I have (I don’t want to say “eavesdropped”) overheard a lot of funny, insightful, downright stupid things being talked about so many, many times. Too bad I don’t carry with me a small notepad to jot down the stories I hear.  There are juicy items that I pick up along the way and would add them as “blind items” in the ensuing entries.

It would be great to share these with you while, at the same time, record the same for posterity in this blog.


2 responses to “New Series: “OVERHEARD”

  1. Looks like we are going to have a Filipino version of Overheard in New York thing:

    Am looking forward to it. This would be a really interactive and fun discussion on your blog!

  2. Hey there, LoadnTxt Blog!

    Didn’t know there was such a blog. Glad that you pointed us in that direction.

    It’s quite hilarious and had fun reading thru the first few “overheard” bits.

    I don’t know if I can even be remotely as funny as those who post in


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