A Break

It’s a lazy Monday morning.  And I am trying to finish a report to submit today.  And I am not making any progress.  My mind is still in weekend mode.  My cup of coffee isn’t working it’s magic, so I thought of posting entries to Knightly News.

I’ve been making feeble attempts to blog for the past 5 years, but never got around it really.  It was only last June 5, 2007 that I finally decided to keep to a commitment of regularly posting entries, no matter how trivial or inconsequential.  So far, since my first post last June 5, I’ve made 28 posts already and I’ve blogrolled 7 blog sites.  Out of those 28 posts, I’ve gotten 262 views and elicited about 6 comments.  I’ve generated two incoming links, one from a mobile computing blogger, and another one from a design blog site.

These are modest stats compared to others.  But it is quite exhilarating to know that people from all over the world get to see your own, small space, interact with you, and link you for some worthwhile reason.

I hope to keep on doing this despite the hectic schedule that I carry.  And I hope that, somewhere along the way, I’d be able to provide some helpful thought to a good number of viewers who happen to stumble upon this humble piece of real estate in the internet world.


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