Actually, Basically, Theoretically… Any-Ally Ending Words…

If you haven’t noticed it yet, Filipinos are, actually (hehe), fond of, when speaking English, starting their sentences with…

  1. ACTUALLY. The most preferred “starter” word. Used in any type of discourse… sports, politics, business, gossips, ANYTHING!
  2. BASICALLY. Up and coming starter word. On track to displace ACTUALLY as the most preferred. Commonly used by Account Managers and tech people I go out on calls with.
  3. USUALLY: Oft used when the person talking loves to talk about himself/herself, most especially when referring to his/her past or habit.
  4. THEORETICALLY: Used every now and then… especially if the person wants to be scientific or really intelligent about an explanation.

I am waiting for the time when these words will be replaced by other ALLY-ending words like: Practically, Grammatically, Programatically, Specifically, Especially, Essentially…

Oh… if I may add… Have you noticed the proliferation of “YOU KNOW’s” everytime someone is talking to a foreigner? Like… You know?

UPDATE (06.28.07, 8:35 am Manila Time): Found two more words… INITIALLY and EVENTUALLY….


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