Post-mortem to the NBA Finals 2007

Okay… okay… I didn’t really watch the series. Just bits and pieces of the whole shebang.

When I watched a portion of the 1st game, I knew I made a fool of myself when I said that this will be an interesting series…

If a tag can be placed to this post, it might as well be “BORING”. Since the series was, as many would say, BORING. Indeed, it was, especially to us Filipinos who are really looking for the exciting, the flair, the flamboyance in anything. Filipinos love entertainment (what with the fascination for beauty pageants, singing contests, dance contests, noon-time variety shows, fiestas, etc.). It may have something to do with our cultural upbringing, being under Spanish rule and influence for over 3oo years. Or we are really just looking for some way to escape the vicissitudes of our environs.

Anyway, I agree with my friend Gary when he said that the Spurs were the main contributors to the boring nature of the series. They were like robots, operating on maximum efficiency and coordination. Very business-like. Stoic and cold in disposing the hapless Cavs. (Reminds me of the German Soccer Teams that won World Cup Titles in the 70’s and 80’s — sharp display of mechanized efficiency and teamwork).

My opinion belies the fact that I do admire the Spurs. I used to love the flair and flamboyance (I am a die-hard fan of the 80’s era Lakers), but I guess Father Time has mellowed me down. Which is why I have come to appreciate the things that this Texan ballclub brings to the court. Straight-up, no-nonsense, get-the-job-done attitude. In my present day and age, my kind of guys.

But I am digressing…

Anyway, we already have stated the given: The Spurs are Boring. But the series was not solely boring because of the Spurs. The Cavaliers made it even more boring! Yes, Lebron was there to provide the occasional flash and star-hype to the series, but the San Antonio D made it virtually impossible for the King to operate (testimony to the Spurs’ brilliant team defense). Then, there was none… No Larry Hughes. No Drew Gooden. No Sasha Pavlovic. No Zydrunas Ilgauskas. No Anderson Varejao. No Eric Snow. No Donyell Marshall. Gibson was a flicker of hope, but was just that… a flicker.

So, a boring team that functioned with ruthless efficiency + a team that was raw (Cavs shouldn’t even have been in the Finals) = ????. Don’t even have the words for it.

I won’t expound on this further.

It will be just too boring.


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