Google Checkout Challenge to PayPal?

It’s in the news recently.  eBay decided to pull out its advertising from Google’s AdNetworks… Hmmm…  A new alternative for internet payments…

How this plays out will be very interesting, indeed.


2 responses to “Google Checkout Challenge to PayPal?

  1. thats a bad move by google, to try and steal ebay’s business. What were they thinking.

  2. Yes, Gary. Quite a bit confusing, actually, given that Eric Schmidt publicly announced that Google Checkout will not DIRECTLY compete with eBay’s PayPal. It’s an underhanded move, really.

    But, hey. As they say, it’s fair game.

    Google shouldn’t have announced that. AND eBay should’ve known better.

    Maybe Eric Schmidt and Meg Whitman were trying to keep themselves close to one another…

    Remember, Michael’s quotable? “… keep your enemies closer….”

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