Day at the Data Center

Wanted to post yesterday evening, but instead found myself in a cold Data Center helping my colleague replace a Dell Quad Proc Server with an Intel-provided Xeon (Woodcrest class — whatever this is) server.

All I can say about the Data Center is, apart from being a cold place, that it is a boring / lonely place to be.

Imagine watching over someone else’s server day in, day out… making sure you strictly comply with and follow the rules… fill up a lot of forms every time there’s a machine coming in or going out… endure the sound of the machines’ hum all day… (almost forgo) endure the cold, impersonal place… WHILE all the action happens outside.

I have no idea what the engineers do in a typical day. I guess it’s more than just staring at the monitor… making sure everything’s A-Ok. If it is not more than just the staring part… oh, men… you wouldn’t find myself working in such a place if ever I happen to know anything about their craft.

The ironic thing is… this Data Center may well be the power behind one of the most exciting things to happen in Philippine Commerce… soon.


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