NBA Finals 2007: Spurs Lead, 3-0

Most basketball junkies know that the Spurs are the overwhelming favorites to win the Title this year. And they’re proving these junkies right by leading the best of seven series, 3-0.

Despite playing so-so in the 3rd game, the Spurs heavily relied on their patented D and made it much harder for the Cavs to score on successive, crucial possessions in the dying minutes of the game. It didn’t help also that Varejao decided to try to score on Tim Duncan — with a shot that had all prayer in it. The shot didn’t even touch the ring.

On hindsight, the keen basketball mind would say that Lebron, harassed by Bowen, realized that he would run into a trap coming from TD’s help defense, and made the correct decision to pass to Varejao in order to re-start his offense. However, the King never got the ball back. You could say that inexperience, on the part of the young Brazilian workhorse, got the better of the moment.

What should have been done was… Varejao passes the ball back to James, and James will make another go at it. It’s time to live and die with James in situations like these. It’s also good training for him, really.

But Cavalier fans need not despair. The Cavs played relatively well last night. They just didn’t hit the shots in the final minutes. Putting themselves in a position to win, in a game that could really have gone either way, is a huge step forward, psychologically, for this young team.

The 3rd game may well have broken some “psychological” barriers for the Cavs, and pave the way for a win in Game 4.

Then the Spurs will adjust and win Game 5. And end the series, 4 games to 1.

At the least, Cleveland faithfuls can say that they were able to salvage one win in the Finals. And that one win may well be an all important one. It will do them good in the coming seasons.


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