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Pigs or Chicken? The Ham and Eggs Breakfast Story

Pig or ChickenNope. This is not a dietary advice nor is this a dissertation on eating habits.

This is a business thought, one that a would-be entrepreneur should heed in choosing a partner or an investor. Very much applicable for those who are intending to put up a relatively high-stake, high-risk venture.

I picked this up from a book I recently finished reading —“The New New Thing” by Michael Lewis. I wanted to get this book when it came out of the press in 2000. When it did, it became a New York Times Bestseller. When I was in Singapore last year, I saw the trade paperback reprint of the book. I thought of getting it, but had to hold myself back as it was much more expensive compared to getting a copy here in our good ole bookstores (yep, books come out cheaper here in the Philippines).

Anyway, to the gist of my post…

In the book “The New New Thing”, which was an account of Jim Clark’s celebrated life as a technology entrepreneur. Jim Clark is the legendary founder of three multi-billion dollar companies in Silicon Valley, namely: Silicon Graphics, Netscape, and Healtheon. He is often regarded as the one person who “rewrote the rules of American Capitalism” and who is, thus, credited for making the Internet IPO boom possible in the 1990’s.

Clark had an uncanny ability to spot the new new thing out of the conceptual clutter. And as soon as he identifies an opportunity, he moves onto the task of building a business around such. His ideas are always radical, ambitious, and unheard of. As such, a business built on such ideas made the venture entirely risky as they are untested and have never been done before.

To which he offers this piece of advice — that is, an advice to those who wish to take on risky undertakings with the hope of eventually pulling it off and reap the windfall of high reward (that comes with any high-risk endeavors).

Clark liked to say that human beings, when they took risks, fell into one of two types, PIGS or CHICKENS.

“The difference between these two kinds of people is the difference between the pig and the chicken in the ham-and-eggs breakfast. The chicken is interested, the pig is committed. If you are going to do anything worth doing, you need a lot of pigs.”

Ham and Eggs Breakfast

In my personal experience, I’ve found this literally and figuratively true. It may be bad for your personal diet, but it will be very good for business.

And I’m very happy to say that we’ve already kicked the chicken out.

Stagnant Warriors Run Deep

Oakland, CAAssociated Press, September 3, 2007

In an NBA Season that saw a record number of deals and a slew of blockbuster trades happening one after the other, the relatively inactive Golden State Warriors, which only made a couple of Free Agent pickups (apart from the draft picks they signed), has proven that playing an intact roster (from the Pre-Season, that is) for the full duration of a regular season can pay dividends by reaching the Western Conference Finals for the first time since Rick Barry led the underdog Warriors to a 4 game sweep of the Washington Bullets en route to their lone 1975 championship.

All too often second-guessed during the Pre-Season and Regular Season, the reclusive Warriors GM, John Knight, finally spoke to the press about the seeming “stand still” and virtual non-movement of personnel in the Warriors Organization. “I have gotten a lot of interesting suggestions and recommendations from basketball experts the whole season to tweak and even overhaul our line-up, especially with the wave of trades happening around the league. But we, as an organization, wanted to see how our current roster will develop into a well-synchronized and cohesive team, especially with the fact that we had all the valuable pieces of the core team in place. Chemistry was and is number 1 in our list.”

Unknown to the multitude, the Warriors’ GM got its share of trade offers, but promptly rejected most of them, opting to stick with the current roster and see how the budding chemistry pans out. GM Knight confirmed with reporters that he used Al Harrington and Stephen Jackson as trade baits at one point in the season. “This was done at a time when we were having troubles with the rotation as we wanted to insert Marco and Brandan into the picture to help in their development as future cogs of the team. We spoke to both Al and Stephen about it at that time, and they understood the situation. Only after a team powwow, just weeks before the trade deadline, that everybody came together and decided to stick it out and gut it out for the playoffs.”, Mr. Knight quipped.

What a “powwow” that was… Continue reading

GCash Rumors

I just don’t know how true these rumors are, but I’ve gotten reports that GCash has been acting up the past few days.  Incidents of delays of anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours have been experienced by GCash payors (one sending the payments) and payees (the recipient of the GCash payment).

There are also rumors of GCash implementing a FEE for those who Cash-in (i.e. put in money into their GCash wallets) even if it’s paid in cold cash over the counter at any Globe Business Center.

Moverover, there are also rumors that this same CASH-IN FEE will, actually, be forwarded to the GCash payor (so that the GCash payor need not pay the 1% CASH-OUT fee anymore).

If these new policies are going to be implemented, then these may be the reasons why the GCash system has been quirky for the past few days.  The GCash system may have been undergoing maintenance to incorporate new policy.

This is okay, in my opinion.  But what is not okay is the fact that there have been no announcements or updates from GCash about the planned changes in policy.  A simple text message update would have sufficed so that all concerned are well-informed.

Again, these are all rumors… as heard thru the grapevine.

If there are any GCash users out there, we’d appreciate your feedback if these rumors are, indeed, true.

Unsettled… and Disconnected

My absence for the past weeks is due to our decision to move to a new and better place.

We’re still virtually unsettled in this new abode and have still to put things in order.

One of the downside of being part of a connected world is the downtime you are bound to experience once you get yourself uprooted and re-rooted on new soil.

Too bad that the new locale where we are situated in right now is not part of SkyCable Gold and ZPDee Cable Internet.  Hence, we had to settle for a downgrade, in the case of SkyCable (as they can only offer SkyCable Silver in our area… That SUCKS since we lose the privilege of watching Discovery Channel and Disney Channel — for my kids, of course :).  And we have to look and apply for a new broadband connection since ZPDee cannot extend their coverage to accommodate our need for internet access.  That sucks again.

Now, it’s taking forever to apply for a new PLDT line and DSL connection.  I have to prepare the proper documentation, present the requisite sets of valid IDs, proof of income, and proof of billing.  I now have to wait in line (long queues are a given in any PLDT business centers) and wait for 2 weeks to process our application.

As of this date, I have yet to submit the application.  What with the piecemeal way that PLDT customer service assistants on the phone and at the business centers provide the requirements.  I have so far made 3 trips to their branches.  Each trip is a discovery… I’ve discovered that I still need this and this and this for them to process the application.  If they can only work on their customer service engagements so that potential customers will know, in one go, all the mandatory application requirements right off the bat.

You may ask why I didn’t bother to even check PLDT‘s website? I did!  It’s an excruciating experience to just look for the application requirements page.  You have to wade through all the clutter, make countless clicks, and end up not finding that page at all!  What compounds the sitch I am in is the fact that our case is somehow unique as I need to apply for BOTH a new landline and DSL connection.  Given this, I would need to sift through two (2) websites and still not find the answers to my questions.  These are the reasons why we ended up calling 171 AND going to a business center for details.

A convenient way of doing it will be (if I may suggest, based on experience):

  1. Make the website as uncluttered and as friendly as possible.
  2. Update websites with the latest promos and information.
  3. Allow for submission of requirements online (you are only asked to accomplish the online application form in the case of myDSL)
  4. Allow for payments online.

Oh well… Have to go back to the business center to submit our COMPLETE application requirements.  Hope it gets processed soon.  Otherwise, we’ll have to endure being left out of what’s happening in our connected world….

Slow Posting Days…

Pardon for my anemic supply of posts for this blog.

It was a busy week last week and will be a busy one as well the coming two weeks.

I will still try to post to my committed number of one a day after this entry. Do expect my final installment to my series on Philippine Basketball and my take on what the Telcos of our country need to offer the consumers and businesses alike in the field of mCommerce.

In the meantime, many thanks to those who continuously check on Knightly News.

Missions of the Day

  1. Meet with a big company and try to help them save tons of money by betting on and investing their resources on our solution…
  2. Meet with a software distributor and make them a distribution channel for one of our products…